About Me


Hello, my name is Neil Smith and I’m an ex advertising copywriter and freelance writer.

I’ve worked for numerous large Melbourne ad agencies including one which, at the time, was the second largest ad agency in the world (with a head office on Madison Avenue, New York).

I’ve been a head copywriter and creative director and, for around 10 years, ran my own one-man freelance copywriting business.

Today I work from home writing, blogging and self-publishing my own books.

After an eventful life living and working around Melbourne I found myself unexpectedly in the middle of a romantic world adventure chasing the clues to a true mystery, something I hadn’t expected when my life crashed and burned.

The unplanned adventure lasted for around 10 years.

I’ve written my story in ‘The Real Ghost With a Secret’.

I hope you enjoy the book, trust me, it’s an easy read and a real page-turner.

Best wishes,


PS. The photo above was taken of me at the beginning of the adventure outside my lonely caravan parked in the Aussie bush. Little did I know then … (read more in the book).