My Books

1620915_10203033610418693_750746469_nHello, my name is Neil Smith and I’m an ex advertising copywriter and freelance writer.

Today I work from home writing, blogging and self-publishing my own books.

After an eventful life centred around Melbourne I found myself in the middle of a romantic world adventure and true mystery I hadn’t planned.

I’ve written my story in ‘The Real Ghost With a Secret’ (see below).

‘The Real Ghost With a Secret’

A true romantic paranormal history mystery adventure across 5 countries.11111AAAAA REAL GHOST BOOK NEW

When I inherit the files of a true mystery involving both the past and present, my life takes off and I find myself flying across the Pacific to New York.

I live for 6 months with a beautiful school teacher from New Jersey which as the romantic adventure to beat all romantic experiences.

Then I’m on a plane to London to pursue the clues to my mystery centred around Regency England.

Some time later I’m living in a small Italian alpine village in the north of Italy with an Italian nurse with the voice of Sophia Loren.

Then home to a quiet bachelor flat on the Surf Coast to write the book.


111AA cover


‘What They Didn’t Tell Us About Life’

Unconventional ideas for a better life and a better world.

Full of brief thoughts about the meaning of life and famous people who have meaningful things to say and demonstrate about their lives.

From Gandhi to Disney, Gurdjieff to George Lucas, the book is full of inspiration and, dare I say, unconventional and radical ideas.



‘Fairy Hills: A Memoir’

A short personal memoir of growing up in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

I recall a time before the Internet and the iPhone but even further back in the days before most of the modern conveniences we take for granted today.